Semalt Expert Talking About Backlinks Types

The internet presents a platform for numerous activities. In the case of e-commerce, one can be able to perform multiple digital marketing tasks for their website. Most web masters depend on digital marketing skills such as content marketing as well as Social Media Marketing (SMM). As people continue to carry out their marketing tasks, people still live up to their aspects of keeping their websites live.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a digital marketing technique which relies on ranking a website on the search engines for particular favors. SEO uses digital marketing methods such as keywords research, content creation as well as backlinking. Backlinking is an effective SEO strategy which can be very useful. When performing SEO for your company, it is essential to know the different types of backlinks present for any online transaction.

Some of the types of backlinks are in this guideline provided by the Customer Success Manager of Semalt, Max Bell:

Nofollow and do-follow backlinks

Sometimes, you may want to get a backlink from a website or domain using a simple query string. In this case, a "rel" attribute on Google can determine the type of the backlink which you are using on your website. Do-follow links can help your site rank in the Google search engine fast. However, you may have some issues while using some no follow links, especially on Google. These backlinks have their benefit on the algorithm of other search engines such as Bing or Yahoo.

Natural and SEO links

When performing SEO, it is good to consider the source of links. Natural links are those which originate from legitimate sources. Backlinks can give your website a good source of traffic as well as making the site achieve a positive ranking advantage in the search engines. Unnatural SEO links can make a site receive strict penalties of the search console. These links come from black hat SEO agencies which promise paid backlinks to rank a site fast. Avoid such links because they can lead to the deindexation of your site from the SERPs.

Lifetime or rented links

The source of the backlinks is always important. Legitimately acquired links offer the chance for more, making a life supply of backlinks. This aspect is the concept which successful businesses use to get their success. Rented links originate from sources like the paid links. These backlinks constitute to all the other links which have a common source, referral spam domains. They can be a bot traffic which does not make any sale.


Search Engine Optimization is an important technique of performing online activities. For instance, SEO allows for persons to have numerous sources of clients online as well as getting other visitors from many corners over the web. SEO occurs through many ways and procedures. In any SEO practice, backlinks are an everyday encounter which web masters may find in their internet marketing plans. In